09 February 2011

DX Homework is hard. :( I'm only taking 9 credits, but my psychology class is a lot of studying, and my music class has a lot of homework, and the professor doesn't really teach much so far... It's relatively easy, yeah, but there's a lot for 9 credits... :\ Sigh

08 August 2010

Gaspity Gasp Gasp! 8 days 'til my first day of college!! I am so totally excited!!

17 April 2010

Hey! I was on Google Sky, and I found this awesome star! It's called Markab, and it's in the constellation of Pegasus. I just think it's really pretty, so I decided to post it.

26 March 2010

WOW! I just realized that It's the 26th of March!!! Happy birthday to New Who!!! 5 years ago today, Doctor Who made it's way back onto our screens! That's exciting!
Also, 8 days until The Eleventh Hour! Yay!
Hi! I just realized that I haven't posted in a little over a year... Wow! But anyway, I though I'd post again and give a happy belated birthday to my lonely, forgotten about blog. I'm gonna try and post more often, so, to anyone who reads this, (unlikely that anyone will), thanks for reading my blog even though I haven't posted in a year.

03 March 2009

Yay for cake!

My little brother made a Tardis cake for me for my birthday! It is sooo awsome!!! Here are some pictures!

The toothpicks were there to stop it from falling over, and the colors are like that because he squirt the food coloring onto the icing instead of mixing them together first.
Everyone was getting really impatient while I took these pics!